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Funtime Activity Sheet Answers

Match the signals

The matching pair are A and F

 Quiz Time

A. The station at the other end of the line is ALTON

B. The highest station is Medstead & Four Marks at 198m or 650ft.

Find out more about our gradients here http://www.watercressline.co.uk/article.php/1018/gradient-of-the-line

C. The bridge appears in the Harry Potter movie The Philosophers Stone.  The whole bridge was moved here from King’s Cross station in London after the film was made.

D. The boiler is being repaired at Ropley in our Boiler Workshop next to the Kings Cross Bridge.

E. The line gained the name ‘The Watercress Line’ as one of the main goods transported along the line was Watercress which is grown in the clear local chalk spring water.

F. Our oldest topiary specimens are at Ropley (trees and bushes clipped into shapes). You will also spot more shapes at Medstead and Four Marks.


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