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Breamore C of E Primary School

On Tuesday 25 June, the Watercress Line welcomed all of Breamore School for a fun and interesting day learning about the railway and the Beeching Report.

Above: Waving goodbye to the train

Read below to find out what the children thought of their visit;

On Tuesday 25th June, our school (Breamore Primary) went to Alresford station, to learn about the trains for our enrichment week. The railway was closed down in 1964 by Thomas Beaching because it was not profitable. Nine years later in 1973 the railway was reopened as a tourist attraction. My favourite part of the day was when we got to see the bridge that came from Kings Cross station and was in the first Harry Potter movie.

By Adam 

On Tuesday 25th May, the whole of Breamore Primary School set out to the Watercress railway to learn about steam engines. After an hour long coach journey we were finally loaded on to a 60 year old steam engine. Soon after that we set off for Alton in the old second class passenger seats. We passed the watercress fields, which is how the railway got its name. We also learnt that the railway was mainly used for transporting the watercress to markets in London. At Alton we watched the engine move round then set off again for Ropley.

When we arrived we had a tour around Ropley station, we were told about how Dr. Beeching wanted to close the Watercress line because it was not profitable. Although it did close, it opened again after 3 years as a heritage site. As well as that we looked at the work house where they restore the trains so they can work again. We saw a train in there and looked at the wheels. It had 6 big wheels for speed and smaller ones so it doesn’t slip. Before lunch we also talked about how the women and the men having to wait separately.

After lunch we left for home but it was a fun trip and I enjoyed it and learnt lots.

By Charlotte

On Tuesday the 25th the whole of Breamore primary school all went to the Watercress line in Alresford. This amazing trip was all organised for something called Enrichment week.

I learnt that one of the bridges there was used in Harry Potter at Kings Cross, it was used in the scene where Hagrid lent Harry his ticket.

I thought the trip was one of the best, it was extremely interesting, entertaining, enjoyable and it helped me to understand the meaning of the railways.

By Ryan

We (Breamore school) went to Alresford train station as part of our enrichment week, ‘Railways’. We went because the Alresford station closed down at the same time as our local station in Breamore. We learnt that the Alresford station was allowed to reopen as a preserved heritage steam railway and now is funded, so they have their own warehouse to fix their trains. I found the trip really fun and it was a great day out 

By Marcus 

On Tuesday our whole school went to the Watercress train line to learn about the old steam trains. We went on the train along to Alton and then watched them change the engine around then we headed back to Ropley were we got off. I learnt the train we went on was sixty years old, and the carriage was a second class one from the time.

Dr Beeching was the one who stopped the train line because he thought it would be more economic. However when they collected the data of how many people got on and off the trains they did it in the summer holidays when all of the children weren’t going to school. Therefore on the chart only two people got on and one came off the trains.

I thought the trip was a good experience for me and the school and I learnt lots of new things.

By Martha

On Tuesday 25th June 2013 Breamore Primary school went to the Watercress line for a trip on the train. However the train line was closed down in 1964 because of Dr Beeching. But 3 years after, they reopened as a tourist attraction.

I really enjoyed the trip and I prefer steam trains to a normal modern train!

By Maddy

On Tuesday 25th June we went to the Watercress line on a school trip.  The train left from Alresford  and our destination was Alton. Before the train line closed ladies and gentlemen had to be in separate waiting rooms and some stations didn’t have any waiting rooms for men. Dr. Beeching was the person who closed down the branch railway lines including the Watercress line. He did this because it cost too much money to run. At the time the station master’s home was on top of the station. We also looked around steam trains which aren’t in use we particularly looked at the 4 6 2 engine -  which means it has 4 medium wheels, 6 giant driving wheels and 2 small wheels.

By Ben

On Tuesday the 25 of June 2013, Breamore Primary School went on the Watercress line at Alresford. We caught the train to Alton, it was very different to a modern train, you could only open a window to a certain width. I have only been on the Tube, so it was a different and good experience for me. 

I learnt that steam trains need a lot of coal and that they cost a lot like £200,000.

By William

The talk in the loco yard gave the children an opportunity to get really close to the locos.

   Above: Working out the wheel code for Winston Churchill

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