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Bikes, Buggies and Scooters

Cyclists visiting the railway are most welcome. Cycle racks are available at Alresford and Medstead stations. Cyclists may take their bikes on our trains, placing them in the Guards compartment for the duration of the journey. Please seek assistance from our platform staff at any of our stations if you wish to take your bike on the train.

There is no charge to take bikes on our trains, but please be aware that during special events space may be limited and we may not be able to accommodate cycles on some services.  

Folded buggies can be taken on the trains, but MUST be placed in the Brake Coach. Please ask a member of staff if you need any assistance. 

For obvious safety reasons children are NOT allowed to ride scooters anywhere on railway premises. If you have brought scooters with you please carry them and store them away when on the trains.

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