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On selected days throughout the year we run our heritage freight train in addition to our standard steam service. 

Virtually every railway station in the country had its own goods yard with a daily goods train bringing in coal for the local coal merchants to deliver to our homes, new agricultural equipment and fertiliser for local farms and taking out the produce to markets in London and beyond. Butter, timber, beer, cattle, fruit, grain, wine, meat, oil, manure, cement, chocolate, watercress and almost anything else you can think of was carried by the local goods train.

At the Watercress Line we have our own wagon restoration group who have restored and maintain around 30 wagons, plus containers - you can keep up to date with all their news. Our freight train aims to be typical of those circa 1960, even down to the packaging straw and shunters marks in chalk! 

June 1st 1964 saw the formal withdrawal of freight facilities from Alresford and Medstead stations, and with facilities at Ropley and Itchen Abbas withdrawn in 1962, this saw the end of the traditional "pick up” freight over the Mid Hants; with the exception of Alton and the short remaining branches to Treloars and Farringdon which lasted until 1968. See the recent article from the Mid Hants News     

Find out more about our freight train.

Running Days
12 - 14 February - Spring Steam Gala
23 - 24 July - Summer Fare
17 - 18 September - Open Weekend
21 - 23 October - Autumn Steam Gala


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