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Date: Tuesday 15 Jan 2013

Since the last update, excellent progress has been made on Bulleid S 4211 S. The frames on both sides now are nearly ready to take the new and refurbished panels up to the guards compartment. Beyond the guards section and into the brake end the old panels have been removed and inspected, and although the frames looked in good condition. However there is some rot is in the cant rail, (top rail between the sides and roof), and all the brackets that hold together the cant rail to the side frames have been found to be life expired and will need to be renewed.

Since the last update new midweek volunteer Derek, (a welcome to him) has been sorting out all the tools that we have into different boxes and putting the suspect ones out for John Wright to decide whether they are to be disposed of, a good job well done. Chris Hancock and David Sandford continue their sterling work above and below the sole bar on Thursdays, with Roger Thornton cleaning up and painting the many fittings on the mezzanine floor on Mondays.

Brian Chipping and Tony Carver were able to continue with the re-wiring thanks to a delivery of materials putting more wiring under the floor to the Junction box. With continuity checks ongoing to the wiring to establish that it matches the new draft diagrams, new wiring has been laid in for the ceiling lights for the “town” end including that for the lavatory and corridor, and thanks to a crimping tool borrowed from John Wright the wiring was completed to the external charging socket. Ian Johnson has decided that the main dynamiter to the battery wiring is also life expired and will also need replacement. The high current cable has now been ordered, so it appears that over 90% of the wiring will now be replaced, though this should be good for many years to come.

There are many things to do at all skill levels on a vintage coach. Many thanks to those new volunteers that have just joined us and to John Wright and the other volunteers for welcoming them. John would only be too pleased to welcome you if you fancy working inside a warm and dry almost new shed, so why not give him a ring on 077525 18957 weekdays to find out more?


John Wright