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Medstead and Four Marks Station

Delivering the Goods Exhibition

The Goods Store building dates from the 1880s in the time when the station was just named Medstead. 

The displays explain the railways’ historic role in transporting goods around the country and show you: 

•    The different types of goods the railway transported. 

•    How they were handled, dispatched by rail and delivered to local customers.

•    The different types of wagon that were used.

 Watch a short film about 'Delivering the Goods'. 



The Loading Dock - Medstead and Four Marks Station

Goods Dock

The loading dock is a construction completed by our Building department. It has been built on the approximate site of the original station loading dock which was removed in the late 1950s.

The dock has been surfaced with stone setts salvaged from Kings Cross station during its modernisation to give it an authentic appearance.

Crane plate

The crane, built by Stothert & Pitt in 1908, has been restored here at the Mid Hants Railway.  It is typical of the type of equipment used throughout the railway network at similar locations. We believe the crane began life located at a wharf on the Grand Union Canal.

Stothert & Pitt

"One of Bath's greatest manufacturing companies for nearly 200 years; Stothert & Pitt dominated the crane making world, as well as Bath's industrial landscape until its closure in 1989.”(Bath in Time)

Stother 1840

George Stothert set up in Bath as an ironmonger and by 1815 the business was prospering under the control of his eldest son George. Railway locomotives were manufactured at a site in Bristol managed by another son Henry. Within a few years the Bristol site became involved in iron shipbuilding and a partnership was formed with Robert Pitt. Steam technology and foundry expertise were amalgamated resulting in Stothert and Pitt becoming leading crane manufacturers, mobile Steam-powered jib cranes were introduced early in the second half of the 19th century. With the expansion of the British Empire and trade developed throughout the world, so Stothert & Pitt supplied the equipment and machinery needed to assist in the handling of goods and materials, the construction of bridges, harbours, railways and other engineering works. During the later part of the 19C cranes became the predominant product of company.

In almost any port in the world you will find Stothert & Pitt.

inside the factory

Inside the Newark Works of Stothert and Pitt, Lower Bristol Road.

Goods shed 1960

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