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Whilst all is quiet at the Watercress Line our bears have been popping in to help out as our engineers, station staff and train crews have to stay home to help us all stay safe.

Each week we have a new set of activities, word games, colouring and facts sheet for you to download.   

Hooray it is half term!

Maybe youíre going to be lucky enough to take a trip out by car or just put your feet up and take a break from learning. 

We are sorry we canít welcome you back to the Watercress Line yet but our bears are still out and about at the railway.

Activity Sheets set No 9 is ready for you now, they are just for fun this week, click on the box below.


Good luck to the Reception, year 1s and year 6s heading back to school next week.

Are you or a friend missing out on your Birthday celebrations?

If you would like to give them a special mention on our page please ask a grown up to email education@watercressline.co.uk and our education volunteer will try to add them into our page the next week.