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Whilst all is quiet at the Watercress Line our bears have been popping in to help out as our engineers, station staff and train crews have to stay home to help us all stay safe.

This week’s activity sheet is about the Navvies who built the line. You can see the cutting they built in the photo of Bennie helping with a bit of shunting at Alresford.

As a special treat our film team have made you a video; so if you want to find out the difference between a cutting and an embankment Click here to  watch our own special activity sheet video.

Always ask a grown up before you click to watch on utube.

Hello Children at Home

Every week we send out a new work sheet for you to enjoy so that you can still learn about the railway even though you will not be able to visit the Watercress Line.  

Every Tuesday we will have a different topic for you and extra fact files for you to download if you would like to find out more.


Activity Sheets set No 8 is ready for you now, just click on the box below for lots of information and resources on Navvies.  This week we have a puzzle and colouring page too.

Are you or a friend missing out on your Birthday celebrations?

If you would like to give them a special mention on our page please ask a grown up to email education@watercressline.co.uk and our education volunteer will try to add them into our page the next week.