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Whilst all is quiet at the Watercress Line our bears have been popping in to help out as our engineers, station staff and train crews have to stay home to help us all stay safe.

Each week we have a new set of activities, word games, colouring and facts sheet for you to download.

The bears and all our staff are really sorry not to have had the chance to meet any of our usual school visitors at Ropley this summer.

They would like you to know how much they have missed you and have organised a writing competition for pupils in year R to year 5 with a super prize.

The competition winner can bring their whole class to the railway for an education visit during the next school year!

Click here for competition details and information.

Bennie was being good and staying out of the way of all our visitors this weekend. She popped her boiler suit on and went cleaning in the workshop at Ropley.

This week’s activity sheet is about wheels and wheel codes, click on Activity sheet 16 below. 

If you are lucky enough to have a ticket to ride on our special services in the next few weeks follow the Restoration Route whilst you have your stop over at Ropley and see it you can spot any wheel sets around the yard.

Birthdays this Week

Happy Birthday to Olivia from Salisbury she will be 7 on Thursday.  

Are you or a friend missing out on your Birthday celebrations?

If you would like to give them a special mention on our page please ask a grown up to email educationlinks@watercressline.co.uk and our education volunteer will try to add them into our page the next week.