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Whilst all is quiet at the Watercress Line our bears have been popping in to help out as our engineers, station staff and train crews have to stay home to help us all stay safe.

Each week we have a new set of activities, word games, colouring and facts sheet for you to download.  

This week we are looking at the way the sights and sounds of a steam railway have inspired people to write poetry.

Bailey likes to write poems and somehow he seems to find time when he is supposed to be busy looking after the railway!

This one gives us an idea of how hard he is working at the moment with no one to check up on him!

The stationís all quiet,

thatís perfect for me.

A sleep in the office

and then time for tea.

Activity Sheet No 10 is ready for you now, this week we are looking at railway poems, click on the box below.


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