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Activity Sheet No 3

Hello all

I hope you have a good time over the Easter weekend despite having to stay in.

In our word search this week you will find the names of some of our locomotives here at the Watercress Line.

Our activities are all about old money. If you need help with the questions why not give an older person in your family a call and ask them what they remember about old money?

Click Here for this weeks activities.

Click Here if you need the answers for Sheet 3.

You will also find the names of three special boys from Medstead hidden in our word search. Thomas has had a nasty time with the Covid virus but his friends Ralf and Aston have been helped to cheer him up. They are known as the rats. The Watercress Line runs special RAT trains but Iím afraid they will have to wait a few years to go on one as they are the Real Ale Trains for adults only.

If you have a friend who has been ill recently and you would like to give them a special mention on our page please ask a grown up to email education@watercressline.co.uk and our education volunteer will try to add them into our page the next week.

The first two of our bears now have names, Oliver, he is in the Booking office this week and Bennie, she has been busy in the loco yard.  Our wandering bear is still looking for a name; do you have any suggestions for a name for a cheeky bear?

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