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Activity Sheet No 5

Hello All

On Friday next week we will all be remembering the anniversary of the end of World War 2 in Europe. This week our bears would like to tell you a little bit about life in wartime Britain.

At the start of the war hundreds of thousands of children were evacuated from the danger of the cities to safer places. Lots and lots of them travelled by train, perhaps your school comes to the Watercress Line to see what it was like to be evacuated?

Click here for our first WW2 work sheet about ID cards and clothes rationing.

Click here for the answers to this week’s word puzzle

 There are fact sheets to help you make your own ID card and to learn more about WW2

Fact File 1 - Print you own WW2 Identity Card

Fact File 2 - Choose your own wartime name

Fact File 3 - Clothes Rationing in WW2

Washing line

This week Bailey has been trying to make up for being silly last time. He has done all the other bears washing for them but Bailey why are you hanging the washing up in the rain?


Don’t forget if you have a friend who has been ill recently or has had to miss out on birthday celebrations and you would like to give them a special mention on our page please ask a grown up to email education@watercressline.co.uk and our education volunteer will try to add them into our page the next week.


  • Children dressed as evacuees posting postcards home at Alresford Station
  • War time poster - count your coupons

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