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Activity Sheet No 6

The 8th of May 1945 was V E day, Victory in Europe Day and Germany had surrendered. It was not the end of WW2 because the allies were still at war with Japan.

The danger to people living here in Britain was over and there was a great feeling of relief. Up and down the country people celebrated with parties, dancing in the streets and singing.

Although the danger at home was over this did not mean that everything got back to normal. Lots of things were still in very short supply and rationing continued.

In this week’s activity sheet you can discover what rationing allowed you in 1945 and the sort of food children had for their VE day parties.

Click here for our VE day activity sheet.

Click here for the answers to this week’s puzzles.

Click here for Fact Sheet 1 - How to make your own bunting.

Click here for Fact Sheet 2 - Memories of V E Day 1945.

Click here for our own Union Jack to colour in.

 Bears and bunting

Oliver, Bennie and Bailey have been making bunting for the station office, but Bailey is having trouble up the ladder! Bailey and bunting

Bailey has made his own special Bear Bunting. Don’t worry if you cannot print our Union jack bunting to make at home. Click on the link above for easy instructions to make your own red white and blue bunting for VE Day.


  • Opps, Bailey is in bother again!

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