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Activity Sheet No 8

This week’s activity sheet is about the Navvies who built the line.

You can see the cutting they built in this photo of Bennie helping with a bit of shunting at Alresford.

The navvies did not have the benefit of big machines to help them; they built the railway with picks, shovels and their own hard work.

The building of the Alton, Alresford and Winchester Railway (the original name of the Watercress Line) employed 400 Navvies with 150 horses and carts. The Navies did not just lay track, they construct cuttings, embankments, bridges, tunnels and sidings. 

 There is a special treat this week from our film team. They have made you a video; so if you want to find out the difference between a cutting and an embankment. Click here to watch our own special activity sheet video.

Always ask a grown up before you click to watch on YouTube.

This week there is also a fact file about the railway arriving in Alresford and a puzzle and colouring sheet too. Just click below to start.

Click here for our activity sheet about Navvies

Click here for this weeks fact sheet; What happened when the Railway Arrived?

Click here for a Navvy puzle and colouring sheet

Click here for the answers to Activity Sheet 8

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