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The Beech Tree - also available as a STATION VISIT

Visits with train travel available on running days from the beginning of May till the end of September 2020.


Also available as a Station Visit on weekdays during October, November, February, March and April.

This Railway Experience visit uses the changes our old Beech Tree had witnessed, as a hook to a wide range of hands on activities and opportunities to question, explore the station and engine yard and for role play.

The session will include:

  •     A return journey behind one of our heritage engines

  •     The opportunity to explore a restored period station

  •     Education activities lead by the Watercress Line Education Department

  •     A wide range of curriculum topics to choose from

 The choice of educational activities includes:

  •     What did the tree witness? History, chronological order, drama

  •     Where did that come from! The Kings Cross Foot Bridge and its journey to the Watercress Line. Design and technology

  •     Memories of sad times; when the line went quiet in the 1970's. Discover why the line was under threat and what happened to the station during the subsequent closure. History in living memory; Conservation.

  •     Did the tree move at night? Creative writing skills

  •     Line on the Line: writing an Acrostic Poem around ‘The Beech Tree’. Literacy - poetry

  •     How high and how old? Maths, estimating and science

  •     Runaway train! A Victorian drama.

  •     Portraits of  trees. Art and design or photography.

The educational activities are also available from February to November as a Station Visit (ie without train travel) at £3.50 / pupil

We are continuing to add more strands to this session, currently under development is 'How  to work the railway safely;' the tree has seen some near misses in the railway's early years. This session will teach your class how to move trains safely and provides opportunities for writing lists, instructions and technical descriptions and will include a Signal Box visit. 

Please click to download full session details.

Children £9, Adults £14 but 1 adult free for every 10 fare paying children, including train travel. Please book your session early to avoid disappointment. 

For more information or to book please email education@watercressline.co.uk


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