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Evacuee Experience

Available on running days from the beginning of May till the end of September 2020.




This session is designed enhances your group’s learning about children’s lives during WW2 with a choice of hands-on activities.

The session will include:

  • A return journey behind one of our heritage engines 
  • The opportunity to explore a restored period station
  • Education activities lead by the Watercress Line Education Department
  • The opportunity to come to the Watercress Line dressed as evacuees
  • Your group’s own Billeting Officer to greet group and see you safely on the train
  • The issue of Identity Cards to all members

A choice of educational activities including:

  • Make Do & Mend. A chance for your group to learn how clothing and household items were repaired and reused during WW2.
  • Talk to an Evacuee. This is a unique opportunity for your group to listen to a primary source discussing what childhood was like during the war.
  • Wartime Railways. During a tour of our Loco Yard, your group will discover the role railways played during the war and the challenges they faced. 
  • Ethel and George take part in Operation Pied Piper.  Your group have the opportunity to pack a suitcase in time for Operation Pied Piper; will they do a practical job or forget something vital?
  • Rationing and pre-decimal money. This activity will introduce your group to the importance of rationing during the war and will test their maths skills with the use of pre-decimal money.
  • Women's Work?  a session exploring the way women contributed to the war effort, especially in what were previously male only roles.

Please click to download full session details.

Children £9, Adults £4 but 1 adult free for every 10 fare paying children, please book your session early to avoid disappointment.

For more information or to book please email education@watercressline.co.uk


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