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Class 47 Running Days

47579 will be running in addition to our steam service on selected days:

23rd June
8th September

47579 (originally D1778) was released to traffic in October 1964 and allocated to Tinsley Depot (Sheffield).  The locomotive was named "James Nightall GC” on 28th September 1981 to remember the brave actions of Fireman James Nighthall who was killed on 2nd June 1944 whilst splitting a burning ammunition train at Soham in Cambridgeshire.  His actions along with his Driver, Benjamin Gimbert, saved a far greater disaster, and as a result they were two of the very few railwaymen to be awarded the George Cross for their bravery.

British Rail had 512 Brush Type 4 locomotives built at both Crewe works and the Brush Works at Loughborough which were later became known as Class 47’s, which made them the most numerous class of mainline diesel locomotive on British Rail.  They operated on all regions of the network, and some members of the class are still in mainline service today.

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