Weekend Watercress Line Travel and Alresford Music Festival

Enjoy Alresford for the whole weekend - NEW joint ticket offer for APRIL ONLY

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Alresford Music Festival - Saturday 8th June from 10am until midnight
Watercress Line travel - all day: Saturday 8th June & Sunday 9th June

NEW! Make a music weekend of it... We've teamed up with Alresford Music Festival so you can enjoy the festival on Saturday 8th June AND ride on our steam trains at the Watercress Line at any point over the weekend of Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th June at a DISCOUNTED price. THIS OFFER IS ONLY AVAILABLE DURING APRIL.

Alresford Music Festival (AMF) is celebrating its 10th anniversary with a huge party in the park and is only two minutes stroll from the Watercress Line. AMF is a chilled, creative family friendly festival. A fantastic line up of musicians will perform throughout the day culminating in a celebration on stage at the end of the night.

The dedicated Family Arena provides space and freedom for kids of all ages to try out the FREE activities and many music and art workshops. There is a packed festival village, with a wide choice of tasty local and international food, a fine ale bar, wine and cocktail bar and a traditional cider bar. Camping is available on both Friday and Saturday nights, so you donít have to miss a second. The campsite is walking distance to the festival, town centre and Watercress Line. 

The Watercress Line isn't just about travelling on steam trains, hop on and off throughout the day and join in with many family friendly activities. Thereís plenty to see and do at each station; including a visit to the footbridge used in Harry Potter films, learn how steam engines work and explore the locomotive yard. A great day out come rain or shine! For this weekend only, we will have LIVE music performances at Alresford Station:

The Shakeups (Saturday 8th June 12pm - 2pm) An exciting and energetic retro covers band playing the greatest hits from the 50's to 70's.

Bus Stop (Sunday 9th June 12pm - 2pm) Bus Stop play funk and soul classics as well as ska, reggae and a whole lot more.

You could also travel up the line to Ropley Station where the British Made Car Club has a vintage car rally being held on the 8th and 9th of June. Click here for more details.

Watercress Line train timetable (8th - 9th June)

Two Train Standard Service

12.00 13.00 14.00 15.00 16.00 16.45

12.12 13.12 14.12 15.12 16.12 16.57
Alresford arr

12.20 13.20 14.20 15.20 16.20 17.05
Alresford dep 11.00 12.00 13.00 14.00 15.00 16.00

Ropley 11.15 12.15 13.15 14.15 15.15 16.15

Medstead 11.25 12.25 13.25 14.25 15.25 16.25

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