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Annual Sponsored Walk on Saturday 10th November 2018

How we did in 2017

Dust off your walking boots and hit the permanent way

Once a year you can experience the railway from a completely different view by walking along the trackbed of the ‘Watercress Line’. From track level you get to fully appreciate the gradients our locomotives and footplate crews have to tackle to haul trains along our 10 mile line and 'over the Alps' at its highest point in Medstead. 

There are 3 lengths of walk you can choose from and a free vintage bus service will run you around so that you end up in the right place at the end of the walk.  
The 3 mile Family Stroll starts with a free vintage bus ride from Alresford station to Ropley, from there you walk the 3 miles back to Alresford.
The 6 mile Downhill is from Medstead and Four Marks station to Alresford.  Our Firemen tell us that walking downhill is much easier than shovelling uphill! 
For the more adventurous, challenge yourself by walking the full 10 miles from Alton station and ‘over the Alps’ to Alresford. 

There is no need to notify us in advance, just turn up on the day. All 3 walks start between 10am and 11am - don’t fret, trains will not be running! 

All walkers that are 16 years and older are expected to have raised a minimum of £10 sponsorship, or be willing to make a donation of at least £10.

Walkers under 16 are encouraged to raise sponsorship but this is not expected; they must, however, be accompanied on the walk by a person 16 years or older.

Sign up to the walk here. 

This will help you to collect your sponsorship online and will speed-up the registration process on the day of the walk.

Click here for the 2018 Walk The Line sponsorship form

Help us to continue to preserve an important piece of Hampshire’s railway heritage by raising funds to re-ballast a section of 1000 yards of track at Wanders Curve between Medstead & Four Marks and Ropley. Whilst this may not appear to be a very "glamorous" appeal, ballast performs several important functions - it forms the track bed to support the track, facilitates the drainage of water, holds the track in place preventing lateral movement and helps to suppress vegetation - it is essential for maintaining the trackbed that you will be walking along.

Parking at Alton in the South West Trains car park is £2 on Saturdays.

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