Standard Travel 2+ Train Service

2 steam trains plus a heritage diesel on 18th & 24th March, 15th, 21st & 29th April, 19th May, 23rd June, 14th July, 25th August & 8th September 2018



'Standard Travel' refers to the normal running days at the Watercress Line - the blue, green and orange days on our calendar. We run steam locomotives throughout the year and on these four selected '2+ service' orange days we run a third train hauled by one of our heritage diesels.

Purchase your tickets when you arrive on the day from the ticket offices at Alresford, Medstead or Alton stations. If you are travelling in more than 7 days time you can purchase standard travel tickets in advance, they are valid for 12 months for all Standard Travel services and also make a great gift idea.

Our fares give you all day unlimited travel, enabling you to explore all four period stations and the nearby towns and attractions all on one travel ticket - so arrive early and make the most of your day!

On selected orange days on our calendar we run 2 steam locomotives plus an additional diesel loco on the timetable below:

Diesel Steam Steam Diesel Steam Steam Diesel Steam Steam Diesel Steam
10.50 11.15 12.00 12.54 1.20 2.05 3.00 3.25 4.15
Medstead 11.04 11.29 12.15 1.08 1.34 2.19 3.14 3.40 4.30
Ropley 11.16 11.40 12.27 1.20 1.45 2.30 3.26 3.52 4.42
Alresford 11.24 11.48 12.35 1.28 1.53 2.38 3.34 4.00 4.50
Alresford 10.10 11.00 11.50 12.15 1.00 1.55 2.15 3.10 4.05
Ropley 10.22 11.16 12.00 12.27 1.20 2.05 2.31 3.26 4.15
Medstead 10.33 11.31 12.15 12.38 1.35 2.20 2.43 3.41 4.30
Alton 10.54 11.44 12.28 1.00 1.48 2.33 3.04 3.54 4.43

Adult /Senior £16
Child (age 2-16yrs) £8
Child (under 2 yrs) FREE
Family (2A+2C) £40
Disabled One FREE adult carer per full fare paying
disabled child or adult

Which heritage diesels are running:

18th March - Hampshire Unit

24th March - Class 33

15th April - Hampshire Unit

21st April - Class 50 "Lion”

29th April - Hampshire Unit

19th May - Class 47

23rd June - Class 50 "Lion"

14th July - Class 33

25th August - Class 50 "Lion”

8th September - Class 47


Please allow 7 days for delivery. If you are planning to travel less than 7 days from now you should NOT book in advance here but pay on the day instead.

Advance fares include all booking fees. 

Advance Standard Travel tickets are valid for 12 months from date of booking, regardless of any fare changes.

PLEASE NOTE: Standard Travel fares are NOT valid for Special Events, Dining or Real Ale Trains. Our special events are priced separately; tickets for these can be bought on the day or in advance if you wish to avoid the queues. Santa Specials, Dining Trains and Real Ale Trains are all advance booking only.

Visit us regularly? Take out Annual Membership from just £20 and get half price selected fares throughout the year! 

The Company does not guarantee that the trains will arrive or depart at the times stated and reserves the right to cancel, alter or suspend any train without notice, or to substitute a different train should this be necessary for whatever reason.

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