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Standard Travel 1+ Train Service

'Standard Travel' refers to the normal running days (non event days) at the Watercress Line - the blue, green and orange days on our calendar. 

Our fares give you all day unlimited travel, enabling you to explore all four period stations and the nearby towns and attractions all on one travel ticket - so arrive early and make the most of your day.


On Light Blue days on our calendar we run one steam locomotive and one Hampshire Diesel Unit to the timetable below. We always plan to run at least one steam locomotive, but use heritage diesels for back up if required.

10.50 (Diesel) 12.00 12.50 (Diesel) 2.00 2.50 (Diesel) 4.00
Medstead 11.04 12.15 1.04 2.15 3.04 4.15
Ropley 11.16 12.27 1.16 2.27 3.16 4.27
Alresford arr 11.24 12.35 1.24 2.35 3.24 4.35
Alresford dep 11.00 11.45 1.00 1.45 3.00 3.45
Ropley 11.16 12.00 1.16 2.00 3.16 4.00
Medstead 11.27 12.15 1.27 2.15 3.27 4.15
Alton 11.40 12.28 1.40 2.28 3.40 4.28

The Company does not guarantee that the trains will arrive or depart at the times stated and reserves the right to cancel, alter or suspend any train without notice, or to substitute a different train should this be necessary for whatever reason.

Standard Travel Fares

Adult /Senior £16
Child (age 2-16yrs) £8
Child (under 2 yrs) FREE
Family (2A+2C) £40
Disabled One FREE adult carer per full fare paying

disabled child or adult

Advance Standard Travel tickets are valid for 12 months from date of booking, regardless of any fare changes.

Selected promotional, TESCO and other vouchers are all valid for standard travel fares bought on the day at any of our stations. Promotional vouchers cannot be used for advance bookings via the website or telephone. Only one promotional offer can be used per transaction.

PLEASE NOTE: Our special events each have their own fares and timetables, and terms and conditions may apply. Please see individual events for details. 

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